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Case Studies

5 Sales Challenges Faced By B2B Startups - A case study

Articles, B2B Sales, Case Studies, Top ValueJohn Smibert03 December 2014

Startups who sell to large enterprises often find "selling" a challenge. I recently observed a classic example. A startup went from near failure to solid turnaround in less than 12 months by identifying and addressing five key sales issues. This...


Case StudiesJohn Smibert03 November 2013

This is a case study of how one company aligned with their customer to improve the effectiveness of their services while reducing cost of service and achieving improved customer satisfaction and value. Company: The service provider and customers re...

Best Practices at Leveraging Relationship Value

Articles, Case StudiesJohn Smibert03 May 2012

Best Practices at Leveraging Relationship Value By John Smibert   ( I am often asked about 'best practices' relative to leveraging relationship value. At a recent executive meeting I witnessed the outcome of the application of relati...

Saving a Customer

Case Studies, Customer RetentionJohn Smibert23 September 2010

CUSTOMER SALVAGE AND GROWTH CASE STUDY   Supplier:                                         Global ITC Services provider. Their Customer:                              UK based multi-national gas producer and retailer. Type of Business:             ...

Customer Perception Case Study

Case StudiesJohn Smibert22 September 2010

RELATIONHIP VALUE MANAGEMENT IN THE SERVICES INDUSTRY Company:                        Fujitsu Australia Limited Type of Business:                   IT Managed Services. Timeframe:                              2001 to present Issue:      "One o...