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Managing Decision Lead times in B2B Sales

What are you like at forecasting?  Sometimes a little guesswork? Too many decisions slip? Forecasting is directly related to managing your pipeline.  And managing your pipeline is all about progressing your opportunities through the pipe to the close. But one of the key issues with managing progression to the close is delayed decisions. Sound familiar? How can we avoid delayed decisions? Understanding the customer's Compelling Event is the secret. And then planning our sales activity around that event. I would venture to say that seldom is a decision is made unless there is a compelling event - even if there is a compelling need. So if you cannot identify perhaps you should not forecast the sale. Jill Konrad (@jillkonrath) calls them 'triggering events' - I like how she expresses it in this short 3 minute video. Would love to get your thoughts and experiences - please comment below.

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