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Sales 101: "Give and you shall receive"

PulpitLast week a collaborator of mine suggested he had a pulpit he would sell me.            Yes - I was on my soapbox again! images I despair when I see salespeople wasting their prospect's time by pushing product rather than creating value - trying to 'take' without 'giving'. So unfortunately I get on my pulpit to regurgitate the importance of being customer aligned - re-emphasizing that the number one objective of a salesperson should be to enrich their customer's life. As a byproduct their own life will be enriched. So let me put two others in my pulpit - Anthony Iannarino and Kendra Lee. I thought I would share their two items that came across my desk this morning. They both communicate the message much better than I can. Firstly,  Anthony Iannarino in a great video: "Prospecting with Insight and a Value Prop". He states that we need to know and communicate "what's changed in our customers world and what they need to be doing about it now".  He goes on to say "if you don't have anything interesting enough for your client to give you their time they are right to refuse your request". The full 4 minutes is well worth your time.   Secondly, an article by Kendra Lee titled "Sales isn't sleazy - if you are doing it right". Kendra Lee Kendra states that she loves selling because it enables her to help others and she does this by enriching their life. She relates that "the best salespeople don't focus on the money - even if they do happen to make a nice living from their craft. Instead, they focus on the issues that their prospects and customers are facing and create a plan to address those problems". She says good salespeople "hone in on solutions, make honest recommendations that will help customers personally and professionally, and cultivate relationships in ways that foster long-term business partnerships". Right on Kendra!  

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