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Achieving Sustainable Growth

The world of business to business commerce is changing.  Many B2B sales organisations are recognising they need to adapt.  We work with companies who are assessing and transforming their sales operation to drive more sustainable growth in their sales and revenue.

The first step is to to conduct a sales readiness gap analysis to identify where they need to change and to develop a prioritised plan.

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Authentic Sales Process

A consistently applied sales process that adapts well to our buyer’s journey is essential to achieving win win outcomes with our customers.

More and more organisations recognise the need to review and recommit to a modern sales process and authentic selling practices.

They review their current process, adapt it, and then implement an authentic selling change program to ensure it is adopted effectively across the sales force.

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Sales Team Brand Alignment

The power of the internet and social media means that many of your staff have developed strong personal brands. We work with organisations who see the value in harnessing the power of these personal brands and aligning them with the company brand.

The net result they are working toward is a stronger pipeline and increased sales and revenue by leveraging a more empowered and aligned sales team.

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High Performance Sales Culture

Organisations striving to achieve sustainable growth recognise that they need to establish a high performance sales culture. CEO’s and Sales Leaders often find this difficult to achieve and seek outside guidance to help them develop this culture, This often required a review of their leadership model, management methods, sales strategy and customer engagement model. We can help.

Strategic Client Engagement

Boosting client engagement capabilities.

The Issue?

Enterprise and government buyers have made significant changes in the way they buy in recent years. And yet many companies have not yet adapted to these changes. As a result they are losing a lot of potential business.

The Answer?

We need to develop the capability to get on the front of the wave, to be in a position to lead the customer discussion with insight, to challenge the customer’s thinking, and to put value on the table in every engagement.

The following video provides an insight into some of the latest sales engagement trends. It is an interview with John Smibert by Don Easter (the Australian Government sponsored IT Supplier Advocate).

How can you empower your your organisation to grow your revenues?

Following are some suggested areas of focus
  • Transition sales engagement to leverage the new buyer model
  • Improving sales strategy capability with focus on client value
  • Refocus sales performance management on customer outcomes
  • Realign client focus to managing perception of value for retention and growth
  • Improve outcome management
  • Improving teaming and collaboration
  • Customer focused and value based account management

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