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"Authentic Selling" Change program

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'Authentic Selling' is a change program which implements effective sales process and associated skills. It comprises an experiential sales development program for sales professionals.

  This program deploys a common sales process and assists salespeople to increase their productivity. They develop the capability to be more customer centric and less product centric - to focus on creating value for the customer - to assist the customer to buy rather than pushing product. The ability to positively disrupt the customer's thinking. Sales skills reinforcement Participants will develop habitual skills and capabilities to help them sustainably achieve:
  1. Improvement in sales productivity and success
  2. Business generation with new customers
  3. Improvement in retention and revenue growth with existing customers
  4. Generation of customer value by applying good sales process, methods and principles
    Selling via positive disruption Many organisations have tried to grow their sales by adding more salespeople and driving productivity by setting higher activity rates. When they do not see a relative increase in sales they wonder why. The reason is that the way they sell is not working effectively. The business world is changing along with technology and the old way of selling products and solving customer solutions is becoming less and less effective. So this program helps an organisation rethink the way they sell and then drives the necessary behavioural change in their sales teams in order that they sell more effectively.   Reinforcement for sustainability: Most sales training program deliver limited sustainable results.  This is because most people forget most of what they learn in a training course within 30 days. They don't get to practice and make the new skills habitual.This program comprising a 2 day seminar followed by 8 reinforcement sessions run over the ensuing months. Each session comprises; set activities that are completed on the job, reinforcement videos, and, a group workshop to share experiences. These sessions are facilitated by the front line sales managers with the assistance of the 'Authentic Selling facilitator.  The net result is two fold:
  1. The new skills and capabilities become more habitual and sustainable within the participating salespeople
  2. The sales managers learn how to coach and reinforce the skills and capabilities so that they can continue the development after the formal program finishes
  Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of the sales development program the attendees will:
  • Understand the true meaning of sales - how not to "sell" - how to assist your customers to buy!
  • Understand how to manage the sales process and align with the buying process
  • Be familiar with selling methods and skills required at each stage of the sale
  • Know how to prospect for new opportunities
  • Know how to research and discover to achieve insight in order to create value
  • Learn how to conduct a discovery that helps the customer to embrace new disruptive thinking
  • Understand how to develop and present a winning customer focused value proposition
  • Know how to authenticate and validate the proposal
  • Know how to handle objections and close effectively
  • Develop these learnings into habitual practices via controlled reinforcement
ProposeEDVANCE01 Topics:SuccessIngredients
  • Sales - what is it? History? Alternative Methods?
  • Introduction to professional and authentic selling
  • Product selling versus Solution Selling versus Disruptive Selling
  • Sales success ingredients
  • Self-Analysis
  • ENGAGEMENT: (Prospecting, generating sales opportunities)
    • Prospecting generating sales opportunities
    • Planning
    • Customer focused mindset
    • Social Selling basics
    • First Impressions
    • Gaining insight - Uncovering customer needs, wants, challenges, problems
    • Researching, interviewing, assessing, teaching, disrupting, qualifying
    • Opportunity/Challenge/Problem/Solution development - Gap Analysis
    • Moving mindset from product features and benefits to customer value
    • Helping the customer realise the Value Proposition
    • Sales Call management
  Feature Benefit link     OTHER TOPICS: Sales-Funnel02
  • Objection handling & Negotiation
  • Closing
  • Forecasting and pipeline management

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