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Client Relationship Assessment Service

This service will assist the supplier to consolidate the relationship with a key customer and vice versa.  It requires the commitment of both the parties to the excercise.  For this reason the both parties need to be committed to the future of the relationship for this service to be effective.


  1. An improved understanding between the parties
  2. An agreed state of the current relationship.
  3. A Strategic plan for further developing the relationship to achieve an agreed target.


The assessment follows a process and methodology with both the supplier and the customer to determine: The current 'relationship level' and state of the relationship The desired 'level' to maximise competitive advantage and return on investment for each other. The Gap Analysis between the agreed current and desired 'levels' overall Identification of relationship shortcomings and activities required to move the relationship from current to desired 'levels'.


  1. An agreed target 'relationship level' and current gap analysis
  2. A partnership improvement plan that addresses the gap
This relationship improvement plan typically addresses one ore more of the following:
  • Improved listening and response mechanisms.
  • Satisfaction management - monitor and improve satisfaction. An innovation program to improve mutual value.
  • Programs to create improved relationship values e.g. trust.
  • Improved business to business alignment to better solve business challenges.
  • An alliance or partnering program with shared vision, goals and values and a agreed partnering management process.