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Personal Branding for front line people

Personal Branding for Consultants and Salespeople

Professional consultants, salespeople and other creative knowledge workers need to plan and develop their own career.

They need to continually progress and grow.

They cannot rely fully on their employer to provide them with all they need.


Employers can no longer afford to be loyal to employees.  There are no jobs for life.

Enterprises hire and train for current needs and when circumstances change role become redundant and people with them.

They tend only to invest in the training and development needed in order for their people to address what they need in the immediate future.


The average tenure in any job or contract is three to four years.  We all need to be ready to position for - and compete for - our next contract or sales position.


To be ready - in addition to our skills and capabilities - we need a strong personal brand.

This means a strong, digitally based brand on top of your existing 'physical' brand

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Why is your personal brand important?

Your 'personal brand' is your unique promise of value

to your 'brand community' (target audience)

Why is it valuable to think of yourself as a brand?

  • A stronger brand will drive more opportunities and income

  • You attract, rather than having to seek out, customers and partners

  • You can strengthen and grow what you offer

  • You can gain better control of your destiny

  The purpose of our personal branding offering is to help you:
  • Define, build and manage your genuine personal brand

  • Perpetuate that brand to your brand community

  • Leverage that brand with particular emphasis on social media


This will help you live your potential by:

  • Gaining control of your personal brand

  • Achieving Consistency & Trust

  • Making you relevant and compelling

  • Growing your reach and influence


How can we help you with your Personal Brand?




You can tailor a program to suit you. We can provide you with:

  • Training, coaching and resources in personal branding

  • A documented process that will take you through the steps required to build a strong and focussed personal brand

  • Proven templates that make it effective and easy to formulate a powerful branding strategy and tactics.

  • Instructions in how to:

    • Develop a brand strategy

    • Grow substantial networks and followers from your target audience

    • Drive a content strategy to deliver value to your followers

    • Do it all efficiently minimising your time commitment

  • Assessment of your personal brand and measurements of progress