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Quality Delivery

The Custell quality delivery model - quality services for implementing ans supporting Enterprise Relationship Management

The Custell Team

Custell train and deploy specialist consultants and Business Partners to ensure a win for our mutual clients. Our Accredited  practitioners consult, design, implement and manage quality implementations of our enterprise relationship management (ERM) programs for our clients.

Practitioner Selection

Custell recognise the outstanding value that specialist consultants and partners bring to the quation to ensure a win for our clients.  To ensure only the highest quality, successful client implementations we apply a rigorous process to qualify, select, and train Business Partners.

Consultant Accreditation

All individuals that are providing services relative to Custell Programs must be Practitioner Accredited for each specific program.  This includes consultants representing us directly, or Business Partners or staff of Clients who may choose to manage their own program.

Product Deliverables

Approved practitioners and Business Partners are provided with all Custell processes, methodologies and templates.  Practitioners are also provided access to the underlying Application Systems that support the programs, process data and produce reports and workshop facilitation guides.


Accreditation Training

Custell Practioner Accreditation- ensuring consistent quality and success

Clients of Custell need to be confident that the services surrounding our programs are thorough and of a high quality.  To achieve this we require that all consultants, implementers and program managers complete an accreditation process with Custell. This process requires:
  • Clear prerequisites of skills and experience
  • Completion of a formal training program
  • Completion of a field experience program
  • Successful Accreditation assessment
  • Periodic review and renewal of accreditation
Upon successful completion of the Accreditation Process a certificate is issued to the practitioner.