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Sales & Client Retention Programs

Programs that create customer intimacy, loyalty and value

- enhancing your ability to acquire, retain and profitably grow customer relationships.

The CustellCloud sales and account planning applications increase revenue, profits and competitive advantage. They do this by enabling your expert sales teams to more easily drive outstanding value for the customer.  They improve customer intimacy and loyalty. Designed and tested by leading and expert sales people and relationship managers, our programs are simple to use at the "coal face" and effective in assisting sales teams to achieve their objectives. Relationship Enhancement Model
  • Account Planning - Advanced method for building and executing account plans for business relationships that will deliver value to your customer and drive revenue and margin for you.
  • Sales Strategy - Advanced sales acquisition strategy for winning profitable business AND underpinning the future relationship.
  • Managing Perception - Relationship perception benchmarking - Managing perception of value - the key determinant for retaining customers.
  • Innovate - Facilitate innovation to create outstanding value for your customer.
  • Align - Supplier/customer business alignment
  • Partner - Partnering for mutual competitive advantage
  • Virtual Teaming - Enabling team collaboration across organisations and geographies
  • Outcome Management - Project management for teams - ensuring desired outcomes are achieved